Beginning Pastel Painters!

Marla: These are two of my beginning pastel painting students, working on their own landscapes this week. They both have a great sense of color and space, and are doing so well!
Woman painting pastel landscapeWoman painting pastel landscape

At The Homeschool Convention!

Marla: We were set up at the Southwest Homeschool Education Ministry (SHEM) Conference at University Plaza Hotel in Springfield yesterday and today. We talked to lots of homeschool parents, and Hue and two of our teen pottery students demonstrated throwing clay on the wheel. Each afternoon, Hue patiently helped kids make their own pots…and a memory!
Girl Throwing on the potter's wheel
man and boy at potter's wheelhands throwing pottery

Van Gogh In Clay!

Marla: Two of our homeschool students are brothers who love to try something new in the studio. Recently, they created clay versions of two Vincent van Gogh paintings, Starry Night and Wheat Fields With Cypress Trees. The pieces took them three classes to complete, as the guys were so meticulous in painting details with glazes. I am so proud of the completed pieces, which are real keepsakes.

Student Making Clay PaintingStudent Making Clay PaintingClay Starry NightClay Van Gogh Paintings

Frolic Magazine Is Publishing A Story About Creava Arts!

Marla: Several staff members and lots of children descended upon the Creava Arts’ studios on March 29 to shoot photos for a story about us in the upcoming Spring Summer issue! We are excited that they chose to feature our business and to help us to continue getting our name out to the Springfield community and beyond.

Four children were willing models as I helped them create colorful watercolor paintings, and Miss Mattie led another four artists as they made and decorated clay fish and pinch pots. It was utter creative chaos and we loved every minute and can’t wait to see the photos!

Watch for the new issue out any day, available at HyVee and Barnes & Noble. We’ll post the article as well!

Young Artists Paint Pastels

My Saturday morning Drawing Essentials class wanted to try painting with pastels, so we all painted a landscape. They did great!

Thursday Night Pottery!

For the first time since we opened over two years ago, we filled an entire new pottery class with beginning students. The group is having a blast learning together, and everyone has started making some really nice pieces. With help from our assistant, Neisha, we can offer plenty of hands-on individual instruction to all six students.


Celebrating Our First Two Years In Business!

We opened our doors for our first pottery and art classes on January 6, 2015. With the support of all our students, Creava Arts continues to offer an art education program integral to the Springfield area arts community.

A huge THANK YOU to all of you who believed in us and have been a part of our journey as we look forward to an exciting and artistic third year!

Just for fun, here is a look back on the hectic five weeks we spent in late 2014 getting ready to launch our new business!