Art Camps Ages 6 – 12

Creava Arts’ 2017 Summer Art Camp curriculum is designed to specifically meet the needs of artists ages 6 – 12. Children this age are able to manipulate a variety of art materials to create 2-D and 3-D artwork, and love to try new activities. They enjoy expressing their ideas through art, and recognize how different media, techniques and processes can be used to communicate ideas, experiences and stories. All camps include explorations of a variety of materials, including clay.

Campers ages 6 through 9 attend camps 9am to noon, and campers ages 10 through 12 come from 1 to 4pm.  Campers who are age 9 or 10 may attend either the morning or afternoon camp, especially when they’re attending with a sibling.

Cost is just $160 for each 5-day camp, $96 for each 3-day mini-camp, with a reduced rate for siblings and those registering for more than one camp. Creava Arts provides all art supplies and snacks, and every camper receives a free t-shirt!

JUNE 5 – 7
Let your imagination go wild as you sink your teeth into some incredible animal art!  Create fantastical beasts finding inspiration in the exotic patterns and vibrant colors found in creatures around the world.
• Draw or paint an animal in the style of a famous artist
• Create a magical beast in clay made up of different animal characteristics
• Incorporate an animal pattern or texture into a fabric project
• Paint a self portrait as a fanciful animal from your imagination
This is a 3-day mini-camp at a reduced fee.

Book Crazy Critters & Magical Beasts Camp



Creative Color Graphic
JUNE 12 – 16
Get ready for a week of extreme color! Learn new ways to use color creatively with paint, pastels and other media while you make spectacular works of art!
• Create a dazzling fabric project with colorful imaginative designs
• Make a vibrant faux stained glass masterpiece
• Learn about color complements, hues, gradations, tints and shades
• Use colorful glazes to create stunning designs on white tiles

Book Creative Color Camp



All Things Big & Small Graphic
JUNE 19 – 21
What would the world look like if you were the size of a bug? What if a famous world monument was the size of a postage stamp? Get ready to explore scale and perspective in lots of fun ways!
• Construct itty-bitty versions of great big things
• Sculpt a huge version of something that’s really small
• Create a drawing from the point of view of a bird or bug
• Make a miniature version of your own house in clay
This is a 3-day mini-camp at a reduced fee.

Book All Things Big And Small Camp


Where The Wild Things Are Graphic
JUNE 26 – 30
Using Maurice Sendak’s well-known book as inspiration, you’ll create marvelous artwork of wild animals, both realistic and from your imagination. You’ll get to experiment with a variety of 2-D and 3-D art media while making your wild things!
• Sculpt a friendly monster out of clay, then texture and glaze it
• Learn an easy way to draw wild animals realistically
• Incorporate African motifs in colorful patterns on a fabric wall hanging
• Create an amazing animal mask using colorful 3-D art media

Book Where The Wild Things Are Camp


3D Adventures Graphic
JULY 10 – 14
This week, you will create stunning sculptures with consideration to form, balance and proportions. You will learn the secrets to make two dimensional artwork appear convincingly three dimensional.
• Explore a variety of materials to create sculptural artwork
• Learn to use shading and perspective to give your drawings depth
• Transform a famous 2-D work of art into a 3-D masterpiece
• Design a building using perspective, then build it 3-dimensionally using clay

Book 3D Adventures Camp


Favorite Stories Graphic
JULY 17 – 21
Have you ever marveled at amazing storybook illustrations or let your imagination run wild as you read wonderful tales? This week, you’ll create artwork inspired by famous books and their illustrations!
• Illustrate a silly poem you write yourself, or one written by a famous author
• Design a new cover for one of your favorite books
• Use “Horton Hears A Who” as inspiration for creating a tiny clay town
• Use stamps and stencils to illustrate a quote from a favorite character

Book Favorite Stories Brought To Life Camp